When to Use Coyote Decoys for Hunting

when to use coyote decoys

When hunting these predators, many people are constantly looking for new techniques, strategies and equipment that will give them an edge. Decoys are no exception. When using a decoy correctly, it can be extremely effective. If you’re the hunter standing in front of the predator wall overwhelmed by all of the options, here’s some direction. We will discuss when to use coyote decoys.

When to Use Coyote Decoys

Benefits of Coyote Decoys

Perception is Reality

You have probably seen coyotes perch on a ridge and look over an area. They are hearing distress sounds, bird sounds and maybe even coyote vocalizations. However, they don’t see these things.

Educated coyotes will often find a vantage point and try to obtain visual confirmation of what they are hearing. If the don’t see anything, they often turn and leave. Therefore, a decoy is sometimes all it takes to get these wary predators into range and convince them to come on the run.

A Decoy Also Occupies the Coyote’s Attention

A coyote is less likely to spot you as a hunter when he is focusing on a decoy.

Consider putting your decoy and your electronic caller close together and away from your position. This will allow you to make small movements and prepare for a shot without the coyote spotting you.

Cons of Using Coyote Decoys

Decoys Mean More Equipment to Carry

As a hunter, you carry a lot of equipment, including a rifle or bow, a sitting pad, an e-caller and ammunition. Add decoys and dead coyotes to the list, and it’s a lot to pack.

Therefore, we recommend using a small daypack to carry your e-caller, ammunition, sitting pad and decoys. In addition, select small decoys that are easy to manage.

Keep Movement to a Minimum

If coyotes spot you setting up decoys, the hunt is over before it begins.

Therefore, examine the area for coyotes before setting up your decoys. In some situations, the risk is not worth the reward.

Choose the Right Hunting Blind for Coyote Hunting

As coyote hunters, we are continually searching for ways to outsmart both the game we are hunting. Over the years, many methods have been developed to attain success. One way to outsmart these animals you are pursuing is to use a customized archery hunting blind. Customizing the best hunting blind for your hunting trip will accommodate your needs.

All of our hunting blinds can be customized with a variety of accessories. We even have a High Roller Bow & Rifle Blind Combo for the ultimate customization to help you take on coyotes. In addition, these blinds are available in the following options:

  • 4ft, 8ft or 12ft tower
  • vertical sliding glass windows
  • Ranch Packages
  • Exterior Finishes of Green or RealTree MAX-1 HD
  • Solid fiberglass construction with insulation


These are just the basics of when to use coyote decoys for hunting. Under the right conditions, decoys can be very beneficial when coyote hunting. These conditions can include hilly terrain where coyotes can get a vantage point and in wide open country to take the predators’ eyes off of you. Similar to any other equipment, coyote decoys have their place. Add them to your bag of tricks, and you might have more skinning to do.

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