Tips for Successful Predator Hunting

tips for successful predator hunting

Simply walking into the hills and blowing on a predator call is a recipe for failure. Therefore, we have put together a few tips for successful predator hunting.

Tips for Successful Predator Hunting

While pursuing predators such as coyotes is not too difficult, you are not going to be successful just turning on a battery-powered call, leaning against a tree and expecting the magic to happen.

Successful predator hunting requires some planning, skill and woodsmanship. The following are a few tips for successful predator hunting:

Hunt in Pairs

Find a partner to hunt with. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Two people an sit back to back covering all angles; 360 degrees even in thick cover. One person cannot match this, and has to move a great deal, which is a dead give-a-way. Predators notice movement quickly.

In addition, two hunters can separate, one calling, while the other is about 20 or 30 yards away at varying angles. Animals coming to a call have the attention on the caller and not the one off to the side lifting his weapon.

Use Extra Calls

We recommend carrying at least two mouth calls from different manufacturers. Start a series of calls with the loudest, that reaches farthest, then switch to a second or third one with less volume and more muted tone as animals approach.

Sometimes, when one call doesn’t receive a response, switching to a different volume or sound will. Variety is essential.

Check Waterway Sign

Check for predator sign along any stream, or river, including dry ones. While these are natural travel lanes, they are also areas the predators spend their time hunting.

Prey animals are often near water, whether it is mice, ground squirrels or jackrabbits. Fresh tracks or scat can tell you how often these places are being frequented, and by how many animals. Having your hunting blind near the water will help increase your odds, particularly early and late in the day when predators are doing a lot of traveling.

Use Elevation

Elevation is essential for successful predator hunting. With even a little elevation, the caller holds all the aces. Your calls go farther and cover more area. In addition, you can see animals coming to you a long ways out and set up for a shot before the predator gets in range.

All of our hunting blinds at Boss Game Systems can be customized with a variety of accessories. We even have a High Roller Bow & Rifle Blind Combo for the ultimate customization to help you take on predators. In addition, these blinds are available in the following options:

  • 4ft, 8ft or 12ft tower
  • vertical sliding glass windows
  • Ranch Packages
  • Exterior Finishes of Green or RealTree MAX-1 HD
  • Solid fiberglass construction with insulation

Watch the Wind

Many beginning predator hunters do not pay attention to wind direction or force. Coyotes pay attention to wind. Foxes do as well, but cats seem to pay the least.

Getting off the ground helps keep your scent above ground level. Air currents tend to rise at dawn and fall in the evening. Do not announce your presence on the wind.


These are just a few tips for successful predator hunting. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below!

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