Predator Hunting Tips – Practice Patience and Persistence

Predator hunting tips

When hunting coyotes and predators, it pays to break the 15-minute rule. We will discuss the predator hunting tips: patients and persistence.

Predator Hunting Tips

Terrain controls much of how long you should wait. Not only does dense cover limit the distance a call can reach, but it might also slow a paranoid predator’s approach. Conversely, open-country calling can lure animals from miles away, which also slows response time.

The biggest factor comes with the predator and its mood when the call reaches its eardrum. The following factors of the predator can affect how long you should wait:

  • just ate
  • has been called before
  • heard something unusual just prior to the call
  • juvenile or adult
  • simply lackadaisical

Lastly, if you only have small areas to hunt, why rush through with 15-minute setups? Take your time and milk the opportunity.


Terrain especially influences the time it takes for a predator to reach your hunting site. Many employ the 15-minute setup because the thick brush they hunt restricts the distance their calls extend, and any predator within hearing range should theoretically respond within 15 minutes, if willing. While that might be true, thick cover also means a predator can slow its advance using the cover to inch into pouncing position.

Thick terrain, trees and brush swallow sound. Therefore, you can call and call in thick brush, but the sound is only going to penetrate so far. This is particularly true if you have a stiff wind knocking down the sound. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t stay longer, particularly if you know through scouting you are in one of those locations that predators frequent.

Predator Frame of Mind

The disposition of the predator determines how fast action can occur. Similar to people, predators have different characteristics. Some bobcats run into a setup like a hungry coyote and some coyotes creep into a setup like a crafty cat.

By nature, bobcats and mountain lions take longer coming to a call. If you are hunting bobcats you routinely sit 30 minutes and lion hunters spend 45 minutes to an hour on each stand.


These are just the basics of the predator hunting tips: patience and persistence. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, contact us with the link below!

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