Important Items for Quick Predator Hunts on Short Notice

important items for quick predator hunts

Keeping four simple items in your truck bag will ensure you’re ready to head out for a quick predator hunt on short notice.

Important Items for Quick Predator Hunts

Your buddy calls asking if you would like to join him for a quick predator hunt later in the day. While time may not be an issue for you to slip away for a few hours, your hunting gear may not be ready.

Plan ahead with these important items for quick predator hunts to ensure a successful trip:


Hand-held calls such as jackrabbit and conttontail distress calls are small, loud and get the job done. If you’re good with hand calls, having these in the go-bag is an inexpensive, lightweight decision.

If you have enough room, you might even want to consider some of the larger electronic calls that offer a variety of animal sounds. On many units, Bluetooth is also an option.

The Coyote Bag

The Coyote Bag is one of the best possible tools for predator hunting. Many coyotes have ticks, fleas, and mange, which you don’t want on you or your gear. Feral pigs are equally nasty.

Coyote Bags weigh just 2 pounds and can haul a couple of average sized coyotes. These bags consist of uber-tough material that can handle mud, rocks, frozen fields and other terrain. The hook-loop fasteners secure what is inside while you are dragging with the 2-inch wide straps. When you are done transporting, simply open and rinse before letting it dry. The material resists odors and cleans up in a snap.


We recommend having at least one camo pullover in your vehicle in a bag, if not two or three. A quarter-zip, lightweight performance shirt that breathes can go over existing clothes or by itself if it’s hot. Including camo pants in the bag may also be useful.

Don’t forget gloves and a cap, maybe even boots. Just make sure to keep it light and simple.


Binocular is invaluable, whether you use it for off-season scouting or scanning open areas for terrain features or sneaky predators. If you hunt waterfowl, turkey or whitetail, watching fields from afar can be helpful for planning a hunt or opting for another area.

Binoculars are great for squirrel hunting as well, when you need to find a bushytail clinging to a trunk or nestled in a fork.

These are important items for quick predator hunts to ensure your trip is a success. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, contact us with the link below!

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