Hunting Tactics for Mid-Day Coyotes

hunting tactics for mid-day coyotes

In places with little to no human presence, the mid-day “lull” can be an ideal time to hunt coyotes and other predators. Therefore, we have put together a few hunting tactics for mid-day coyotes.

Hunting Tactics for Mid-Day Coyotes

Understanding Coyote Behavior

Coyotes prefer to hunt under the cover of darkness. However, in some situations they will gladly cruise open pastures and other sparse cover in search of mice, rabbits and other meals in the middle of the day.

The daytime activity of coyotes has more to do with human activity than anything else. In areas with little to no hunting pressure, coyotes are just as likely to be moving around at noon as they are at midnight.

Coyotes in harsh winter environments prefer to hunt in the daytime because the snow cover is softer and catching mice under that snow is much easier. However, coyotes seem to vanish in places with lots of predator or deer hunters. They will burrow down into thick cover until a blanket of darkness allows them the freedom to move without fear.

Therefore, it is essential to pay careful attention to where you set up when you prepare to call. What mattes most is making predators feel safe and comfortable about approaching your position. Nothing signals trouble to a coyote more than roads, buildings and specific places that are popular with varmint hunters.

Get Close

Coyotes won’t utilize underground dens much unless it is during the spring when they are bearing litters. Instead, they will lie down on the ground or they will use brush piles, hay bales and other surface cover, even if it’s man-made.

Consider any cover that allows them to feel secure as a bedding spot and worthy of a calling session. Use the ground experience to determine what type of of habitat coyotes in your area use as bedding cover. Only by hitting as many areas as you can, then analyzing the results, will you able to narrow down your search. The majority of the time, mid-day habitat pretty easy to spot. The following are all prime places to seek daytime coyotes:

  • thickets far from roads
  • brush draws in rugged country and hilltops
  • ridges
  • points with some vegetation to serve as cover

Stay Quiet

It’s necessary to have everything ready before you make the first note on a call. Many will assume that anything that might them would be far enough away that it wound’t hear them quietly testing the calls to find the right one.

It’s a tough task in itself to get close enough to a bedded coyote. As a predator hunter, you need to be careful when crossing open ground. However, trying to get close to a pack loafing on a hillside can be just about impossible. Brushy draws and thick fields of standing crops are easier to approach than wide open spaces, where any movement is certain to be seen by bedded coyotes.

Call Right

Treat mid-day coyotes similar as to how you would treat them at any other time. Begin with a series of quiet calls, followed by an increasingly louder run.

While wounded rabbits scream pretty loud, starting out too loud might spook a close coyote. Using a mouse squeaker, you can always turn up the volume if you don’t receive a response from your first series of calls.

These are just a few hunting tactics for mid-day coyotes. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, contact us with the link below!

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