How to Use Predator Decoys for Hunting

How to Use Predator Decoys for Hunting

Distractions are rarely a good thing, but consider embracing the art of distracting a predator on your next hunting up. It could be what you are missing. We will discuss how to use predator decoys for hunting.

How to Use Predator Decoys

There are numerous ways to distract a predator while hunting. You can disperse scent upwind of where you expect a predator to show up, or even place your e-call away from you and operate with a remote. You can keep attention away from you by directing a predator toward a distraction. More importantly, you also direct it away from you scent stream.

Using Predator Decoys

Using predator decoys is great for producing real results. Coyote decoys break down into both predator and prey. Most coyote decoys are ideal to imitate prey either in a still-life pose or animated with wind, or battery operation. Companies such as Primos, ICOtec, FOXPRO and others all manufacture a variety of floppy, fur-covered contraptions to appear as prey in mortal distress. All you have to do is add batteries, turn it on and it will whirl for hours to distract a coyote away from your position and into your shooting gallery.

Additionally, you can put out a coyote decoy to distract an incoming canine. There’s even realistic options available to con coyotes into believing the howls they heard were real. Also, during the February breeding flurry it gives coyotes confidence they might find a mate by visually spying a coyote when they arrive on scene.

Complementing Sounds with Visuals

If you want to complement prey sounds with prey visualizations and have it all in one package, there’s a variety of companies to choose from. These include companies such as the following:

In addition to the decoy, placing out your caller and the sounds will lure a coyote well away from your hideout.


These are just the basics of how to use predator decoys for hunting. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below!

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