Tips for How to Prepare for Early Bow Hunting Season

How to Prepare for Early Bow Hunting Season

Archery season is upon us. Every bow hunter owes it to his or her prey to make sure to carry out avid preparation. Therefore, we have put together a few tips for how to prepare for early bow hunting season.

How to Prepare for Early Bow Hunting Season

Plant Fall Food Plots

You can plant fall food plots in the remaining few weeks leading up to the season with great success. Forage such as planting oats creates kill plots which help increase your chance of success.

Plan for cool season forages like brassicas, which have turnips, and peas that will be able to grow quickly in the waning days of summer. They also provide peak nutrition in the heart of hunting season.

The purpose of the fall food plot for the specific intention of killing your target buck is to provide him with a sense of security. Big bucks thrive on security. Therefore, you can entice them into revealing themselves in daylight if the right combination of food and cover are present.

Develop a Hit-List

Developing your hit-list is ideal for success. Instead of hunting any deer that walks by, learning to focus on specific bucks in their areas is not only beneficial for the herd but increases your skills as a hunter.

In addition, keep a journal of movement, encounters and a well-stocked hard drive of trail camera shots. This will help to build your target list each season.

Bow Practice

Practice makes perfect. Therefore as an effective predator, you need to always strive to prepare for that one shot in your uniform to have an understanding of how your clothing choices may or may not impact your shot.

Consider practicing with your gear on. Early season clothing is easier to adjust to, unlike late season clothing that is much bulkier. Bow hunting clothing in the early season revolves around scent killing base layers. A base layer that can wick sweat away from your skin helps increase your odds of getting close to a wary buck.

In addition, you must practice early season shots. Fortunately, in the late summer foliage you can replicate tough practice shots in the dense underbrush you will likely need to shoot through in the first weeks of the season.

Decide on Hunting Blind Locations

As you scour maps and and plan your food plots, hang your cameras, you need to have a good idea of where your want your hunting blind as well. Keep in mind, early in the season a big buck is going to move as close to darkness as they can. They may travel long distances to and from their sanctuary bedding to the food.

Therefore, it only takes minimal pressure early in the season to bump a big buck from his core area. Find the paths to and from food and plan to set a stand further down the travel corridor to catch a big buck on his feet going to get dinner. Many hunters often overlook these staging locations in the name of sitting over a nice food plot. Some of the best early season bow hunting blind locations are not visually pleasing.

Base your early bow hunting season blind location on the following:

  • Distance from a buck’s bedding area
  • The cover on the travel route to food
  • Where the prevailing winds blow


These are just a few tips on how to prepare for early bow hunting season. Contact us with the link below for more information or to purchase your customized bow hunting blind today!

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