Tips on How to Make Your Dove Hunting Season Successful

How to Make your Dove Hunting Season Successful

Dove hunting season is almost here! In many instances, opening day for dove season is something of a social event. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on how to make your dove hunting season successful.

How to Make Your Dove Hunting Season Successful

Get Off the Stool to Shoot

Many hunters shoot doves without leaving their seats. However, if it’s a limit you’re after, you are better off standing to shoot or not sitting in the first place. Standing encourages better balance and footwork.

Make sure to keep your weight slightly on your front foot. In addition, when facing a tough angle on a bird, re-position your feet so you can swing smoothly. If your feet are too close, this forces you to roll you shoulders. Conversely, feet too far open, this can cause you to come out of the gun. The extra split second necessary to stand and re-position your feet only equates to a yard or two more than the dove will travel before you take the shot.

Don’t Be Behind

Crossing targets are the most difficult to make in the field. Also, probably 95 percent are missed behind. The key is to always be in front. Do this by mounting the gun out in front and staying there.

The best instructors teach you that it is impossible to “measure the lead” without looking at the barrel. Have enough barrel awareness to know that the gun is in front of the bird. However, focus hard enough on the dove to see its beak or eye.

Practice Your Gun Mount

Simply spend 10 minutes on weeknights practicing the flashlight drill. Stand in the largest room in your house and insert a small adjustable-beam flashlight into the muzzle of your unloaded shotgun. Then, direct the flashlight at the seam between wall and ceiling about 15 feet to one side or the other.

While tracing this seam back to the corner, slowly mount the gun. Don’t mount first, then swing. The stick needs to touch your cheek when the light reaches the corner. If your mount is smooth and your hands move in unison, you will be able to trace the seam easily. This is the same motion you need to master for the field.

Let Doves Get Close

Get close, but don’t spook the birds. This is the best way to ensure your shots in the field are easier.

In addition, scout fields ahead of time to find any terrain features that will funnel birds. Set up within 30 yards if possible.

Don’t Wait Too Long for High Overhead Birds

For hitting high incomers, there are two keys to consistency. The first is to practice the swing-through method. Mount behind the bird, pass its tail end, belly, beak, then pull the trigger right when the barrel blocks your line of sight without stopping the gun.

Avoid letting the bird get above you. A target directly overhead requires more perceived lead than out in front. In addition, it appears to be moving much faster. It’s much harder to achieve hard focus on a target that appears fast When you can make incomers land at your feet, you are doing it right.

Purchase a Customized Dove Hunting Blind

All of our Dove Hunting Blinds can be customized with a variety of accessories. In addition, these blinds are available in the following options:

  • 4ft, 8ft or 12ft tower
  • vertical sliding glass windows
  • Ranch Packages
  • Exterior Finishes of Green or RealTree MAX-1 HD
  • Solid fiberglass construction with insulation

These are just a few tips on how to make your dove hunting season successful. Contact us with the link below for more information or to purchase your customized dove hunting blind today!

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