Tips on How to Call Call-Shy Coyotes

How to call call-shy coyotes

You may notice that when coyote hunting, some don’t come to distress calls as easily as others. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on how to call call-shy coyotes to help you increase your fur count significantly on your next predator hunting trip.

How to Call Call-Shy Coyotes

According to Steve Criner, host of Dog Soldier TV on the Sportsman Channel, “…a coyote that has experienced high levels of hunting pressure and human presence makes them alter their activity and attitude.” Therefore, according to Criner, “If a coyote hears a dying rabbit and it associates it with a bad experience, it will avoid the area.”

However, this can make hunting coyotes more difficult. Here are a few tips on how to call call-shy coyotes.

Different Types of Birds

In a coyote habitat, birds are an everyday element. Coyotes dine on birds and bird eggs. The sounds of a bird in peril or the squawks of a gamebird in dire straits could be your ideal opportunity to calling in a coyote. Don’t overlook sounds from starlings, woodpeckers, wood ducks, robins and even pheasants in distress.

Additionally, coyotes use birds as indicators of food opportunities. For example, they will follow scavenger birds or move to the sounds of a commotion.

Domestic Animals, Livestock and Pets

Coyotes live in all corners of the U.S. Many successfully take up residency in rural outskirts, suburbs and even downtown habitats. Therefore, they focus their attention on domestic animals, livestock and pets. When you discover coyotes avoiding mainstay calls, consider serving up the sounds of home and farm.

According to Criner, “Pigs, turkeys, sheep and every other barnyard creature offer a temptation to a coyote within earshot. There is odd in everything. Even the simple bawl of a calf or the distress yips of a domestic dog can make a coyote break from cover to investigate. One of the classic sounds that few use is a chicken. It works and comes on many callers.”

Out of This World

Coyotes have no aversion coming to sounds that don’t live and breath in their zip code. Success with piglet in distress sounds from the Northwest Territories to Old Mexico proves that point.

Thanks to the recording capabilities on handheld devices and the ease of transferring new sounds to a call, you can utilize almost any sound imaginable. Start imagining and turn that vision into coyote hunting success.


These are just a few tips on how to call call-shy coyotes during your predator hunting trip. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, contact us with the link below!

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