Coyote Hunting Tactics in the Urban Setting

coyote hunting tactics in the urban setting

You must utilize new techniques and tactics when hunting coyotes in and around urban settings. Therefore, we have put together coyote hunting tactics in the urban setting.

Coyote Hunting Tactics in the Urban Setting

Make sure you don’t overlook the possibilities when hunting coyotes in urban settings. Careful planning and some smart tactics that may be different from normal “out in the fields” strategy can help you have success and fly under the radar.

The following are coyote hunting tactics in the urban setting.

Know a Low Profile While Hunting

Suburban hunting is a little more difficult when it comes to legality. In suburban settings you have to pay close attention to laws regarding shooting in the following:

  • within a certain proximity to buildings
  • around schools
  • to noise ordinances
  • to designated “no shooting” or (sometimes) “no hunting” zones

While it can be tricky, which is why few people try it, that’s why it is such good hunting. You can receive phenomenal hunting success if you put in the following:

  • legwork
  • research local ordinances
  • spend time talking to local police to clarify their interpretation of laws
  • generally doing your homework

It’s ideal to print all applicable laws and local ordinances and keep them folded in a sealable bag on you while hunting. It is not uncommon for local law enforcement officers to not know the laws regarding hunting and discharging firearms in specific municipalities, if only because it is such a rare occurrence. They are just doing their job if they do “check you out,” so be respectful.

Maintain a Low Profile While Hunting

When hunting suburbia it’s ideal to be ultra-sensitive about remaining under the radar. This is because it is not worth the hassle of dealing with anti-hunters.

Other good reasons to stay undetected include the possibility of damage to your personal property. For suburban hunting, it is best to remain as hidden as a coyote if you want to last very long.

Unconventional Hunting Camouflage

Re-evaluate your clothing and change accordingly to maintain a low profile. By camouflaging your camouflage you avoid a lot of problems.

Not only do you remain hidden from anti-hunters, but it isn’t a bad idea to stay hidden from other hunters as well. Suburbia is a micro-environment and can tolerate only so much pressure. After you find a productive honey hole, you will want to keep it a secret. All it takes it one hunter seeing you entering an area, obviously dressed to hunt, and they will figure out that they can legally hunt that same spot.


These are just a few coyote hunting tactics in the urban setting. For more information on our customized hunting blind options or to order your customized hunting blinds, contact us with the link below!

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